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eats sugar, coffee, pizza, McChicken Sandwiches, Friendly's, her own Asian cooking, cookies, junk food, video games sleeps whenever she feels like it, especially during class or when the sun is up, video games likes video games, anime, computers, ddr, video games, camera-whoring, art, hugs, video games, dragons, foxes, tarot, music, video games, being Asian, video games, video games, vincent valentine [: dislikes stupid people especially in large groups, oppresive parents, society in general, bad coffee likes to watch slayers, weiß kreuz, trigun, cowboy bebop, gto, vhd, serial experiments lain, hellsing, escaflowne, spirited away, requiem for a dream, the italian job, the crow, will and grace, just shoot me likes to read dragonlance, the godfather, requiem for a dream, anne rice, random fantasy listens to the following while comicing dir en grey, nirvana, goo goo dolls, evanescence, final fantasy music, ddr music, rave music

contact at yahoo ryuuko_black_dragon aim RurouniHels email/msn ryuuko_black_dragon@hotmail.com

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